Our commitment to world-class efficiency, versatile scalability and leading quality means we create cutting-edge technologies to find the most forward-thinking solutions possible for your world. Toshiba Air Conditioning is an innovative provider of comprehensive solutions with world-class reliability.

Top-class energy efficiency

  • Twin rotary compressors
  • All climates from -30°C (Daiseikai 9) to 54°C (MiNi SMMS-e Middle East range) for optimal temperature control solutions and increased precision
  • Environmentally-friendly refrigerants
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Entirely scalable solutions

Toshiba Air Conditioning develops cutting-edge technologies and advances that benefit people everywhere by offering the ideal combination of comfort and Ecologically-superior products for residential, light commercial and large building applications.

Toshiba Air Conditioning is the pioneer of inverter air conditioning, technology which was developed in-house.

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Superior manufacturing quality

Toshiba Air Conditioning’s innovations ensure comprehensive building air conditioning solutions which have been subject to strict evaluation testing to guarantee world-class reliability.

Third party institute certifications for quality, safety and performance, guaranteed (TÜV, Eurovent, WEEE, RoHS, REACH, Intertek, Keymark).

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