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Toshiba, choose the expert of inspired technologies

Our commitment to world-class efficiency, versatile scalability and leading quality means we create cutting-edge technologies to find the most forward-thinking solutions possible for your world. Toshiba Air Conditioning is an innovative provider of comprehensive air conditioning solutions with world-class reliability.

Toshiba’s R32 solutions, a true alternative with a low global warming impact

Cutting-edge ideas are at the heart of everything we do, and always applied with the aim of preserving the planet. Now, more than ever, attitudes are changing as technology continues to revolutionize our world. That’s why the Toshiba air conditioners use the refrigerant R32. Its global warming potential (GWP) is three times lower than that of the R410A, the perfect compromise between energy efficiency and respect for the environment.

Residential air-to-water systems ESTIA

New low environmental impact generation of Toshiba ESTIA air-to-water heat pump split systems to deliver the right temperature for space heating, cooling and domestic sanitary hot water production.

Business SMMS-u

SMMS-u offers a totally new redesigned chassis, a new exclusive triple rotary compressor as well as a new heat exchanger to achieve unrivalled efficiency and outstanding comfort levels with low environmental footprint.

Residential air-to-air systems HAORI

A super efficient air conditioner that truly preserves your universe. A unique concept from Toshiba featuring a stylish textile fabric cover easy to peel and stick for infinite decorative possibilities.

Light commercial DIGITAL INVERTER 3.5HP

Efficient, compact and quiet, the new Digital Inverter 3.5 is a concept unique on the market offering an ideal capacity-efficiency-cost balance to installers.