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Tailored to meet challenges

Toshiba Air Conditioning, with heat pump technology at its core, contributes to people’s well-being while respecting the environment. For decades, Toshiba Air Conditioning has been receiving prestigious awards for its significant achievements in air conditioning. This demonstrates the innovative spirit of Toshiba Air Conditioning, a relentless drive to improve its products and systems.

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Forward-thinking technologies to support building decarbonization

Toshiba Air Conditioning combines technological development with consideration for future generations, resulting in a range of extremely energy-efficient air conditioners, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at their source. Its continuous research into the development of inverter technology has provided remarkable results, both with regards to meeting the required comfort levels and continually reducing the system’s energy consumption.

In line with European standards

To improve its environmental responsibility, Toshiba Air Conditioning offers products that meet the following European standards: EN 14511, EN 14825 and EN 16147.