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Home Toshiba News Blog New VRF 2-Pipe Outdoor Units - SMMS-e

New VRF 2-Pipe Outdoor Units - SMMS-e

Toshiba are pleased to announce the launch of the new SMMS-e VRF Outdoor Unit range
New VRF 2-Pipe Outdoor Units - SMMS-e

18/20/22HP SMMS-e Outdoor Unit

Model Codes:

MMY-MAP0806HT8P-E               MMY-MAP0806HT8JP-E               MMY-MAP0806HT8P-TR               MMY-MAP0806HT8JP-TR

MMY-MAP1006HT8P-E               MMY-MAP1006HT8JP-E               MMY-MAP1006HT8P-TR               MMY-MAP1006HT8JP-TR

MMY-MAP1206HT8P-E               MMY-MAP1206HT8JP-E               MMY-MAP1206HT8P-TR               MMY-MAP1206HT8JP-TR

MMY-MAP1406HT8P-E               MMY-MAP1406HT8JP-E               MMY-MAP1406HT8P-TR               MMY-MAP1406HT8JP-TR

MMY-MAP1606HT8P-E               MMY-MAP1606HT8JP-E               MMY-MAP1606HT8P-TR               MMY-MAP1606HT8JP-TR

MMY-MAP1806HT8P-E               MMY-MAP1806HT8JP-E               MMY-MAP1806HT8P-TR               MMY-MAP1806HT8JP-TR

MMY-MAP2006HT8P-E               MMY-MAP2006HT8JP-E               MMY-MAP2006HT8P-TR               MMY-MAP2006HT8JP-TR

                                                 MMY-MAP2206HT8P-E               MMY-MAP2206HT8JP-E               MMY-MAP2206HT8P-TR               MMY-MAP2206HT8JP-TR

                                                 MMY-MAP-0806T8P-E                MMY-MAP0806T8JP-E

                                                 MMY-MAP-1006T8P-E                MMY-MAP1006T8JP-E

                                                 MMY-MAP-1206T8P-E                MMY-MAP1206T8JP-E

                                                 MMY-MAP-1406T8P-E                MMY-MAP1406T8JP-E

                                                 MMY-MAP-1606T8P-E                MMY-MAP1606T8JP-E

                                                 MMY-MAP-1806T8P-E                MMY-MAP1806T8JP-E

                                                 MMY-MAP-2006T8P-E                MMY-MAP2006T8JP-E

                                                 MMY-MAP-2206T8P-E                MMY-MAP2206T8JP-E

Available in the following combinations:

Heat Pump models: 8 - 60HP

Heat Pump High Efficiency/Heating Capacity Priority models: 20 - 54HP

Cooling Only models: 8 - 60HP

Cooling Only High Efficiency models: 20 - 44HP


Maximum number of Indoor Units is 64 for 30HP and above.

ESEER is above 7 for all the range of Capacities.


Available for the European and Turkish Markets. For availability please refer to your local Toshiba distributor.

For more details please refer to the Technical Information Bulletin 296-00