Energy labelling

The European 2030 climate and energy framework for improving energy efficiency will have a significant impact on the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors. Today, buildings are responsible for the largest energy consumption, with HVAC systems being the most energy-intensive of all. The HVAC sector is now committed to manufacturing energy-efficient products for its clients to favour sustainable development.

Designed for the future

Toshiba Air Conditioning is committed to designing products and solutions with increasingly lower environmental impacts. This is subsequently reducing indirect CO2 emissions generated by electricity consumption. Toshiba Air Conditioning longstanding commitment to sustainable development is ahead of schedule for the European climate and energy package requirements for 2030.

All Toshiba Air Conditoning products sold today in Europe are fully compliant with the latest Ecodesign directives.

Lot10Air-to-Air heat pumps up to 12kW

Lot21Heat pumps above 12kW

Lot1Air-to-Water heating systems up to 400kW

Lot2Water heaters and hot water storage tanks

Lot6Residential and non residential ventilation

Lot11Electric motors from 125W to 500kW