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VRF technology offers the best solution for large commercial and industrial buildings: including hotels, hospitals, leisure and shopping centers.
The dual inverter compressor guarantees high efficiency levels, operating flexibility and reduced maintenance requirements.

The three pipe heat recovery models are extremely efficient and can operate simultaneously in
Heating and Cooling mode.

Toshiba VRF systems has a wide range of indoor units which enable designer
s and tenants to make the right product choice in terms of aesthetics and performances.

14 different types of indoor units ranging from 0,6 to 10HP are connectable to the VRF outdoor units. With the SMMS-e and SHRM-e ranges it is possible to install up to 64 different units individually controlled or managed centrally with the wide range of Toshiba controls solutions.

Most of the units have the possibility to be connected directly to a fresh air supply or linked to a dedicated air to air heat exchanger to ensure a constant fresh air renewal.