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Three pipes are better than two

New SHRM-i - Simultaneous Heating and Cooling Solution for Large Buildings

Introducing SHRM-i, Super Heat Recovery Multi-i, Toshiba’s all-new super-efficient solution for mixed heating and cooling requirements. Building upon the proven technologies of the SMMS-i, the SHRM-i delivers even greater comfort, energy efficiency and utmost reliability. Advanced 3-pipe technology enables heat recovery between indoor units, for unprecedented economy and performance.

Main features

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling

  • Flexible refrigerant flow

  • More efficient heat recovery operation than individual heating and cooling only

  • Wide range of indoor units options

  • World-class EER and COP at partial load

  • Ultra-precise inverter controls the compressor rotation speed in 0.1Hz

  • Rotary compressor

  • Precision comfort, temperatures can be controlled and maintained precisely throughout the day