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Size does matter

A small guide on how to choose the right air conditioner size

Different markets have different criteria to consider before choosing the air conditioner’s size. In this handbook, we just provide the common guideline for choosing the right size of the air conditioner.

  • Type of home

This criteria can give you the idea how much quantity of heat generated inside and the quality of insulation present. For example, masonry, uninsulated or wood stud require additional air conditioner’s capacity. Besides, the number of windows also has effect on the size of air conditioner.

  • Room size

Define the area of the room in square meters

  • Room position

It is also important to determine which direction the most exposed wall of the room faces. That is, which wall of the room is most exposed to outside. For example, Is this room getting a lot of sunlight? If yes, the size has to increase in order to provide enough cooling/heating capacity.

  • Roof/Floor

This is another factor that affects to the size of air conditioner.  If the room has high ceiling or unused floor plan the capacity needed is higher.

  • Number of people and electrical appliance in the room

The larger the number, the hotter the room, the higher the air conditioner’s capacity.

  • Air leaks

It depends on how often people open the door. Each time the door is open, an exchange of the air temperature with the outside occours. If this happens too often, in the air conditioner will have to work very hard in order to maintain the room temperature.